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Tuna Sushi Rice Boxes

I owe you lots of life updates. We moved to Mar Vista, which is amazing because it’s closer to the ocean (it’s just inland of Venice Beach). I’ve been showing you around via IG stories but I *promise* to do some room by room tours here on the blog soon. My cookbook is in its final stages (eeepppp!!!)—we’re about to go to the printers and I have an official cover and publication date!

Fresh Fig + Arugula Tortelloni Salad

As the days grow shorter, and my daily workload bulks up, I feel the rapid end of summer flowing into the ever so swift start of fall. And as much as I bemoaned the heat, I’m already pining for those long summer days. However, the silver lining in all this change...

Spicy Ahi Burgers

Aloha from beautiful Verona! After almost a day of traveling, Moses and I made it to Italy last night and despite waking up at 3 am, we're feeling well rested and ready to hoof it around town. We're here to explore, make pasta with Giovanni Rana...

Chanko Nabe (Sumo Soup)

Is it a faux pas to talk about what you did on Valentine's Day? If it is, I'm sorry in advance. I'm pretty sure this Vday was my all-time favorite. Not because it was fancy, or present-filled, as it was neither. Instead, it was simple and cozy and perfectly us.