48 Hours in Honolulu

48 Hours in Honolulu

First off, 48 hours in Honolulu definitely is not enough time!! However, since we were already in Maui, Lily, Molly, Steph, and I caught a quick 30-minute Island Air flight to Oahu for a quick food tour, led by me (lol). Trust me when I say we did not have enough time or stomach capacity to tick off even 1/8th of my list. Honolulu is one of my all time favorite cities because it's got a little bit of everything: lots to do, see, eat, and drink! While we mainly focused on the eating and drinking, we did manage to squeeze a bit of everything into our short stay. Here's what went down:

Monday, April 4, 2016

10:30 am - Woohooo--just landed at Honolulu International Airport and we're ready to pick up our rental car and explore Honolulu. Gosh, it's hot today and of course the shuttle's taking forever. 

10:45 am Still waiting for the shuttle and sweating bullets. I can feel the hanger (hunger+anger) brewing. Must find food quick.

11:15 am - Finally on the road and feeling mighty hangry. En route to plate lunches.

11:35 am - Quick stop at Rainbow Drive-In to see where President Obama picks up his plate lunch before picking ours up from my old haunt, Diamond Head Market & Grill. Officially super hangry--I need a mixed plate, blueberry-cream cheese scone, and butter mochi before I take a bite out of this steering wheel. Nobody talk to me.

11:50 am - HOORAY. Food. Yay. I wonder if everyone can hear my chewing. So hungry. Damn, Molly's kalbi ribs are bomb. Steph, can I have a bite of your spam musubi? 

12:15 pm - Feeling like a new woman. Sorry for the hanger everyone. Shall we grab some malasadas at Leonard's

12:20 pm - How many malasadas can 4 girls really eat post plate lunch? Half a dozen is the answer. LOLLLL'ing at Steph, Molly, and Lily's excitement rn (right now). I've never seen three people more excited about Portuguese doughnuts. Also, holy cow, I forgot how good a plain malasada from Leonard's really is.

1:00 pm - Score! Early check-in at The Modern Honolulu. We def need some poolside relaxation and digestion time and happy hour... Yes, def drinks. We earned them; eating's hard work!

4:30 pm - We should probably head back to the room and get ready for dinner at Morimoto Waikiki now...

5:30 pm - Officially know the definition of early bird...pretty sure we're the earliest omakase table in the restaurant, but we've got to get that good light right?

6:00 pm - This ahi and hamachi tartare tho...

7:30 pm - I guess we have room for dessert...

8:00 pm - Time for another round of drinks. Next stop Bar Leather Apron anyone?

8:25 pm - Best matcha old fashioned there ever was and first I've ever had. Also, Molly and I can't stop obsessing over every single detail in this bar. The music, the drinks, the bartender. The warm hand towels, cold soup palate cleanser, curry iso peanuts. This place is everything. And Justin Park (owner, award winning bartender, and one of the all time coolest guys around) just gave Lily a bottle of shiso liqueur! Can we just stay here all night guys?

9:45 pm - And we're back at The Modern Honolulu and so ready for bed. Gotta rest up for that early morning hike tmrw...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7:50 am - Should I make a cup of coffee in the room before our hike? YASSS.

8:00 am - Hello, Diamond Head. I've missed you. Are you ready? Okay, here we go! Time for a quick hike to the top. 

8:15 am - These steps are steeper than I remembered...

8:21 am - Phew! What a view. Look at that coastline and that cute little lighthouse!

8:30 am - "Left." "Left." Molly and I are currently powering down in hopes of getting in a quick circuit before we head out.

9:15 am - Just pulled up to Arvo Cafe in Kaka'ako. Oh em geeee, this is the cutest Aussie vibes coffee shop I've ever seen!! And that avocado toast and nutella toast... and that matcha latte, oh and they have almond milk... and what is that matcha chia seed pudding all about!? I think we should order one of everything guys!?

9:30 am - We just beat the crowd and pretty much ordered one of everything and may or may not be at the receiving end of a lot of side eyes.

10:00 am - Headed back to the The Modern Honolulu for a bit of pool time and relaxation on the daybeds.

11:30 am - I might not be cut out for relaxation--itching to get out and explore. Rounding up the troops for more eating and some downtown Honolulu shopping!

12:00 pm - Quick pit stop at Musukawa's Musubi Truck at Makers and Tasters for some chicken katsu and tan tan pork belly onigirazu. Yum. Note to self: must make some onigirizaru soon.

12:30 pm - Ahhh, downtown Honolulu, I've missed you! And shopping, I've missed you too! Must hit up Fighting Eel and Owens & Co..

1:15 pm - Damn Fighting Eel, you got me again. Yes, I need these black basics. Yes, Lily, you need that black dress. Molly, Steph, you need SOMETHING, right?

1:30 pm - Crap, it's raining and my meter's about to run out. Looks like I'm running!

2:30 pm - Ok, I guess we can pop by Ala Moana for a minute...

4:30 pm - Where'd the time go? We've got to get ready for dinner!

5:45 pm - We should probably call the restaurant and let them know we're running late.

6:15 pm - We made it! And I finally get to squeeze one of my besties, Onaona!! Gosh, this night is already perfect and goodness is The Pig & The Lady is so cute and PACKED on a Tuesday!

6:20 pm - So, everything looks amazing, should we ask our server to just order for us? 

6:30 pm - These konbu beignets are EVERYTHING. 

6:45 pm - Woooo these drinks are strong and Molly's officially taken over Lily's Snapchat!

7:45 pm - I thought you said mini portion of pho? I'm not sure how much more room my stomach has left--I'm saving room for dessert.

8:15 pm - Housemade soft serve? Sold.

8:45 pm - Should we hang out in The Study or watch movies in our pjs in our room? MOVIES & PJS FTW (for the win)!

9:15 pm - Ok, on second thought, my eye lids are feeling pretty heavy. Maybe I should just go to bed--night!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

7:45 am - Ala Moana Beach Park run, or more sleep? Run! 

8:15 am - Molly and I earned a stretch and chat break right? I mean we did our Magic Island warm up run, so, yes! Stretch!

9:00 am - Last breakfast before we fly back to Maui, more avo toast and almond latte action, plz. 

10:00 am - Heading over to Helena's for our last meal to give the girls a real Hawaiian food experience and meet up with my girls Jade and Kim!

10:20 am - YESSSSS. Chicken long rice, lomi salmon, poi, beef short ribs, squid luau, mac salad (for everyone but me), pork lau lau, opihi, and kalua pig!! Don't forget the chili peppa watah and Hawaiian salt! Note to self: gotta ask aunty why the haupia (coconut pudding) and sliced onions live next to each other on the same plate even though nobody eats them together. 

12:00 pm - Ack!! We've got to hele (go) to the airport now!!

1:15 pm - Aloha and mahalo, Honolulu. Already missing you. 

Mahalo nui loa (huge thanks) to The Modern Honolulu--we'll definitely be back soon, especially since we're all members of the FWB club! Much aloha to our friends at Island Air and Nella Media for flying us over to Oahu!

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Shrimp, Strawberry, Avocado Salad with No-Mayo Green Goddess Dressing

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